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Window Cling Categories

Birds,Butterflies, Bugs and Flower Window Clings

Monarch butterfly handmade window cling decoration for window or mirrors

Handmade peel and stick window clings that easily adhere to mirrors, windows or any non porous surface. The clings can be reused the following year. The window cling decorations in this category includes butterflies, bugs,birds and flowers. Monarch butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and bees. Cardinals and owls and doves. Also featured are sunflowers, daisy and roses.


Fun Window Clings

Unicorn with rainbow hair handmade window cling decoration for decorating your windows or mirrors.

Fun window cling of all four seasons ,unicorns, mermaids, hot air balloons, rainbows and aliens. Great way to decorate windows or mirrors or any non porous surface, easily peel the handmade window cling from plastic sheet and stick to windows, they leave no residue and can be used the next year.


Animals and Sea Clings

Yellow lab window cling decoration for window or mirrors and are reusable the next year.

Window cling category featuring cute handmade decorations of dogs, cats,frogs,pigs,cows,rooster and fish,turtles,octopuses, coral and dolphins that  stick to windows or mirrors without glue.


Holiday Window Clings

Easter bunny with colorful eggs handmade window cling for window or mirrors that you can reuse.

Holiday window clings that are easy to apply to windows and mirrors for any upcoming holiday. We cover many holidays including Easter, St.Patrick Day, Valentine's day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. Fun way to decorate for the holidays and reusable the following year. 


Christmas Window Clings

Christmas tree with white star window cling handmade reusable peel and stick decoration.

Christmas window cling decorations that are easy to apply to your windows and mirrors for the holidays. Create a festive scene with santa claus,elves,candy canes,gingerbread house,manger and wise men. Cute decals for Christmas are all handmade and reusable year after year. 


Snowman and Snowflake Clings

Snowman catching snowflakes with a colorful scarf handmade window cling.

Decorate windows for the winter season easily with these handmade clings of snowmen in a variety of styles and sizes, you can create a snowman family. To compliment the snowman there are snowflakes, trees and houses to make a village. Store the window clings on the provided platic sheet and reuse the following year.



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Our Products

Black and white penguin window cling handmade

Whether you are decorating your windows or mirrors for the holidays or just for fun, we have the window clings you are looking for. We create many cute designs to add a smile to your windows. Our window clings are made with a peel and stick paint that easily stick to non porous surfaces like your windows,mirrors,refrigerator or get creative and decorate a glass vase. They are reusable and come on a plastic sheet to store them in.Don't see what you're looking for? Ask! We do special orders!

Our Creative Team

Handmade window cling decorations of three green fish with purple and blue coral by Lynn Karsten

We enjoy making our window clings and are happy when they make someone smile or brighten your day. We are always striving to come up with new designs for our window clings.